The Pulsotron team designs a new thermonuclear reactor

Once ignition was obtained using Pulsotron – 2 – LoT, the team of engineers went into the design of the second model called Pulsotron – HiT which will work in the thermonuclear reactor plants of under 10 megawatts.

Due to customers requirements the design of a new reactor with lower working costs has been started which will be profitable in reactors of less than 10MW.
The newly designed reactor can heat the plasma to more than 300 kiloelectronvolts which is almost forty times higher than any other fusion test plant,  this allows not only to build a more compact reactor but also to burn non neutronic fuel, so it will not emit any radiation, will greatly reduce operational  costs, permit a wider range of applications and also speed up the introduction into the market.
From the simulations carried out  it is seen that the gain in energy will be between 50 and 500 times the energy injected.
Differing from Pulsotron – LoT the new reactor will not contain any moving parts, reducing the megawatt cost to less than half and also reducing the tests and adjustments needed.
The generated magnetic fields will be lower than in the older machine as less magnetic pressure is needed when burning fuel at more than 300 kiloelectonvolts.  In order to switch hundreds of thousands of kiloamps of current matric switches of SCRs that are electronic switches made of diamond, will be needed.
The new design was made possible using  a new simulation software of thermonuclear fusion reactions.  According to this software, the reaction will release from 50 to 500 times more energy than that injected.-
Armed with the result, the software engineer used the data of old fusor reactors giving as much as 0.03% of energy return with respect to that injected, that is according to test results.
There are various options to commercially operate the new reactors,   for example it will be possible to build up lamps that would generate heat.  The lamps would be replaced every 3 – 6  months.  Actually the Pulsotron team is speaking with lamp and laboratory equipment companies to obtain first examples to test in the next campaign.
Pulsotron – HiT can also be used inturbiones, but it is still too early to speak about this with engine manufacturers. 

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