Pulsotron-2 repaired again for Nuclear Fusion January tests

During the December test campaign Pulsotron was damaged after suffering an electric explosion. Before the damage the test team could measure plasma temperature of some of the targets using the new “RBR” sensor that also revealed radiation peaks out of photo sensors spectrum

In order to verify new radiation patterns, the Pulsotron team built new RBR sensors, that use a reflective scintillator which covers from millimeter wavelengths to soft X rays range.

The rise and fall times of the new sensor fall down to 50ns which is a very high speed compared to slow broadband temperature sensors.

         Also using the RBR sensors data obtained during the December 2013 tests, the team could obtain an approximate measurement of plasma temperature. The result is not as accurate as expected because the radiation received was over its maximum rating, so the new sensors will reduce input radiation by using a needle filter made of a new reflective scintillation material, this material reflects only received radiation but shifted towards infrared at the maximum response frequency of a high speed photodiode.

Using such photodiode it is possible to detect when the reactor breaks when internal pressure is bigger than magnetic pressure, then a strong light pulse is released.


Pulsotron-2 was dismounted and no internal faults were detected, so it is assumed that the breakdown was due to the fact that the target was broken after being shot 25 times at almost maximum power of Pulsotron.

Pulsotron Team

Parque Tecnologico de Andalucia

c/ Marie Curie, nº 35, 29590 Malaga

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