Big step towards commercial fusion reactor

Sept, 08 2013 Pulsotron-2 European inertial fusion reactor reached again ignition conditions during August test campaign.

Pulsotron team thinks that the only real way to fusion is inertial as long as it is the only way that warranty low volume reactor and very short ignition time in order to reach high temperature and pressure.
In attached diagram it can be seen August test results compared not only with performance of actual and future fusion reactors but also with Ivy Mike and W-80 North America Army weapon fusion bombs.

During the first test it was searched for new “anti photon” particles that fortunately were not present as long as antiphoton particles would lead in energy waste.

The new magnetic sensor did not work properly at low frequencies but confirmed that the megaampere barrier was passed.

Unfortunately the ultraviolet burst affected largely inside the Pulsotron isolators burning some parts, so new design must shield sensitive parts of pulsotron chamber and close devices.
Here are high speed photos just after firing the last target:

Pulsotron awarded several prices during 2012 and 2013 one of them was received from Spain minister Fatima Bañez

We are also working in building new targets similar to the future ones that will be fired in the future Fusion Plants. Tests are performed with non charged targets in order to fulfill standard safety regulations.

Pulsotron is seeking for partners with international government agencies and companies in order to build next Pulsotron-3 reactor



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